Prologue: Breaking Free

Prologue: Breaking Free

GTB is a concept & story that has been many years in the making. The mythical universe and story itself coming via recurring dreams. 

Before we get into the story proper, I would like to give you some background on the journey prior to the commencement of the mythical GTB story. The seemingly random and chaotic endeavours to get started, experiment, learn, iterate and grow prior to Chapter 1. 

We took all the self doubt, set backs and constraints and found our motivation. We charted the mantras below and then proceeded to create around these themes and break free from all the constraints that held us back. Turning the process of breaking free itself into art.

From the first illustration and t-shirt, to bondage art about flipping the script and owning/drawing power from being constrained, to all the crazy adventures that have brought us to this point, I'd like to thank the ever growing family of collaborators who without their belief in the vision, we would not be about to share this story with you. (All collaborators are credited unless we were asked not to)

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