What is GTB?

GTB Symbol


In this time of fast fashion, �masstige� and shuttered retail spaces, Guerrilla Theatre Brand makes fashion with a story, with heart, with art . . . and we make it in Melbourne.

Guerrilla Theatre Brand (GTB) is a mythical, multi-layered tale, chronicling visions of the future that find life not only on the page and screen but seamlessly through fashion that is wearable art.

The design aesthetic of the GTB product range is shaped by the story. As the story develops and each chapter unfolds, so does the GTB product range. The chapters and collections build upon the colour palette and feature unique collaborations with artists from around the world.

In addition, each chapter of the GTB story is brought to life by a short film that not only illuminates the narrative but showcases the fashion looks, artist collaborations and design.



The story�s protagonist is Guerri - a hybrid human with powers that allow him to travel into other realities - who, with his spirit guide, Soph, battles a malevolent entity intent on consuming humanity using our own technology against us.

Will humanity wake up? Will we ascend?


Guerri Mask

Guerri Mask

The Guerri Mask is the face of Guerri, our lead protagonist and story guide. Guerri is a humanoid: a hybrid human with modified DNA of a silverback gorilla. Guerri is accompanied by Soph and protected by the Evil Eye Amulet which he uses as protection and as a weapon.



Soph is Guerri's spirit guide. Soph gave protection from her all seeing eye to Guerri to protect him against evil when he visited the realm of the pure light and dark energy. This became the Evil Eye Amulet that you see on all our products.

Evil Eye Amulet

GTB Evil Eye Amulet

The evil eye concept is common across many cultures around the world as a means of protection. The GTB Evil Eye is Guerri's weapon of choice: it will protect you from the haters and envious people out there who project negative energy. So when wearing Guerrilla Theatre gear; know that we've got your back!