GTB Prologue Breaking Free Verse 1 Are You Chasin? Artwork

Ever get the feeling that you’re chasing the wrong things? We are always taught as children that we must make a life for ourselves – but what do we end up searching for? 

Our stories are as ambiguous to us, and as difficult to find in our lives, as true love. Some of us never realise our story. And for those who do, the road is lined with obstacles and invisible walls, with even our own minds trying to stop us accomplishing our story and finding our treasure.

So, instead we take a path that is not our own. We follow the rules. All seems well on the surface. But our hearts never stop wanting their story to be told, their treasure to be found.

Some people still do take the road less travelled, and follow their hearts. The world may fight them. They may live for years in a haze of doubt and anxiety, and may even fail. But their hearts are at ease. They are spiritually and emotionally content. They radiate true happiness and hope to their family and friends.

These are the rewards for being true to one's heart. For chasing your truth. For breaking free and going somewhere.

Chasin verse art brought to life by Travis Price.