GTB Prologue Breaking Free Verse 3 Ideas Want Out Artwork

What is the point of having an idea, if you never act on it? If you never breathe any life into it? If it never even causes a ripple? You know it’s in there. You can feel it.

Is it growing inside you? In your heart? In your mind? Is it growing and developing? Or has it already grown too big to be kept to yourself? Does it keep you up at night with its cries for release? Do you feel like your head will explode if you don’t share it with someone? Why, then, do you keep this idea inside? Fear. Fear of ridicule; of shame; of judgement; of not fitting in.

But what is the point of having an idea if you don’t act on it? The hardest part is having the idea – acting on it just takes the courage of conviction. As another saying goes,it only takes good people to do nothing, for evil to prosper. So why are you doing nothing? Ideas want out!

Ideas verse art brought to life by Travis Price.