GTB Prologue Breaking Free Verse 3 Time's Up Artwork

Time’s up! Your alarm clock is ringing. But you didn't set it. You had no idea that it would try to wake you now.

So, how is the alarm ringing if you didn't set it, and can’t change it? And why is it ringing NOW?

This isn’t your normal alarm clock. This one has no numbers; no hands to indicate where you are; no circle for them to slowly crawl around. Each of its cycles exists only once, to never come around again. You can't even see this clock, or use it to measure the time passing. You can try to define it; through your age, your family, that new wrinkle next to your eye... but these are just general indicators of a body changing over the years.

This is your internal clock that is waking you up to act. That the moment is now. The alarm is the universe telling you that you can no longer ignore that your conscious is telling you to act. Everyone has that internal clock, but not everyone will really hear it when it rings. Some will ignore it, hit the ‘snooze’ button, turn over and wish it would stop. Others won’t hear it at all.

The only ones who will hear it, are those who have the courage to live in the moment and to follow the path of their own story.

Which would you rather be?

Time's Up verse art brought to life by Travis Price.