GTB Prologue Breaking Free Verse 4 Infinity Plus One Artwork

Why do those who believe in eternal life still fear death? Why does the ocean daunt us and the infinite space between the stars above haunt us? Why do we like to constrain our thoughts, our actions and our beliefs? Why do we stay within the confines of security, rather than challenge the status quo?

Because eternity is terrifying. Whether we see it as eternal blackness or blissful paradise, whether we believe the universe controls us or that we are at the mercy of some all-powerful intelligence, we find solace in our lack of free-will. To consider that there is no greater force looking after us, that we are responsible for the future is too much freedom for most.

So we would rather think that we are powerless; and in doing so we limit ourselves. We limit our power and our imagination. Our ability to change. No new land was discovered by people who did not first submit themselves to the mercy of the eternal sea. No star was ever spotted by one who did not first gaze into the blackness of the night sky, adrift in nothingness until they stumble upon their mark.

Inspiration flies on the currents of eternity. Discovery is made by opening ourselves, our souls, to the free floating infinity of the universe. To open ourselves in such a way will silence the voices that question us; that challenge what we truly believe, that don’t let us follow our imagination; that allow us to live the way we think we want to.

We are the power to break free from those shackles and create a personal strength that cannot be broken, but the risk is ours to take... yours to take. So look up to the night sky, and choose whether you will look into darkness or see the shining stars.


Infinity + one verse art brought to life by Travis Price.